LEAGUE #1: @TAPandAXE 147 S. Madison Ave, Greenwood, In 46142 www.TAPandAXE.com, SUNDAY/FUNDAY LEAGUE, 21-AND OVER. Must sign this agreement, pay $60 fee, and sign a waiver to participate. Rules and agreement are subject to change for the safety, enjoyment, and protection of our guests and staff.


  • TapandAXE staff, its judges, lane coaches etc. have ULTIMATE authority of scoring and general conduct.
  • Accept all rules, requests of TAPandAXE staff, and all policies within.
  • Be a fair competitor and a good sportsperson. This is a fun league! Don’t act like a loser.
  • Assist in keeping a clean, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere for all participants.
  • Don’t be a jerk- words can hurt. Therefore, keep your language clean and not discriminatory; words or actions concerning color, language, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Don’t be stupid. Don’t endanger yourself, other patrons, staff, or spectators. Be smart!
  • Don’t fight. Keep it cool, or you will be kicked out. If you threaten someone, we will call the authorities, and you will be banned for life.
  • Be smart. We allow (2) adult beverages when throwing. Don’t drink before you arrive, or you will not be permitted to throw.
  • Don’t be an idiot. If you are high, drug’d, or ‘tweek’n’- you can go somewhere else.
  • Be safe. No open toe shoes or bulky clothing. No exposed weaponry (firearms, knives etc).


  • You will receive a warning (depending on the violation).
  • You could lose your points for the day or we could score your match a loss.
  • You could be banned, suspended, or escorted out in handcuffs. We want it fun and safe for all.


Throwers: Each lane will have a total of four throwers max. There will be an hour allotment per each group of four participants. This allows about a minute per throw & scoring per person.

League dates: A total of six dates in this league; Feb. 2, Feb. 9, Feb. 16, Feb. 23, Mar. 1, & Mar. 8.

Throws: Five warm-up throws will be permitted prior to the scoring, for each day of the league. The lane officer will announce the end of practice and the beginning of scoring. Each participant will throw twelve (12) hatchets for a score. There will be six total days of throwing (Sundays starting 2/2/2020) for a total of 72 scored throws.

Records: Each lane will have a clipboard with the names of the participants (throwers). There will be ten spots that indicate the official score of your ten throws. Your total score will be available at the end of the session and promoted online- at http://leaugue.tapandaxe.com.

The lane officer will place your score on the sheet. Announce your score before pulling the axe. If there is a discrepancy of your score between you, another participant, or the lane officer, the lane officer or another TAPandAXE staff member will have ultimate authority in issuing the score.

Equipment: This league is a hatchet league only. The hatchet must have a wood handle. You may tape the wood handle. No spike is allowed on the back side of the blade. You may throw any hatchet that is less than 20″ long from top of the blade to the bottom of the handle, and no less than 13” long. The total weight must be more than 16oz, and less that 32oz. The blade length may not exceed 4″. Tomahawks are allowed if they meet the above parameters. You may provide your own equipment or use ours if they meet these specifications. TAPandAXE staff will be the ultimate authority of deciding if your equipment is eligible.

Targets & Lanes: Target faces will be new at start of play, and damp during the round. It is your responsibility to continue to mist the targets to maintain proper sticking. We will replace the boards as needed, upon discretion of our staff.

Distance for this league is 12′ to the front of the target. Black lines are placed on floor for reference.

Your feet may touch the black line, but may not extend beyond black line. You will receive a zero score if your feet go beyond the black line at any point of the throw.

Rotating: After four throws, each group of four will rotate to the immediate lane on the right of them. Those in last lane on right will go to the far left after four throws. This makes sure that participants have a fair chance on different targets.

Scoring: Bullseye or center black ring is 5 points, second red ring 3 points, third blue ring is 1 point. The blue dot ‘kill-shot’ is worth 7-points. YOU MUST call out clearly, before throwing- that you are attempting the kill shot to receive those points. Kill shots are not required in this league.

Tie-Breakers: In the event of a league-end tie between opponents, we will host a tie-breaker event shortly after the last throwing day. Participants will be notified and must throw on March 10th, at 7pm in order to break-the-tie. 12 hatchets will be thrown on that event for a tie-breaking score. If tie still exists- sudden death elimination will occur after those 12 throws until the one person has a higher score.

Payout. Although this is a fun league that anyone can join, we do have a payout! Here are the payouts

  • First Place Champion: High Scorer: $1000
  • Second Place: $500
  • Third Place: $250
  • Fourth Place: $100

Payout will be in the form of a check (or gift card). All payments will be written as a 1099-misc payout. Tax forms must be signed prior to payout. Payout will be made at award ceremony on Tuesday March 10th.